Tabakh El Rayes (The President's Chef) - Said Hamed

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Tabakh El Rayes (The President's Chef) - Said Hamed
Said Hamed - Tabakh El Rayes (The President's Chef)  artwork

Tabakh El Rayes (The President's Chef)

Said Hamed

Genre: Middle Eastern

Price: $14.99

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Release Date: November 15, 2016

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Like too many heads of state, the Egyptian president lives in the ivory tower of the presidential palace. But one day he decides to go out in the streets of Cairo to see his people. On this occasion he eats a sandwich made by a cook named Mitwalli. The Rais learns that Mitwalli has been looking in vain for an apartment for nine years and is forced to live with his sister, his brother-in-law and his children. For sure, this man is a perfect representative of the man in the street. And as he is very funny into the bargain, the president decides to hire him as his personal chef and... unofficial advisor, but with one condition, he shouldn't reveal it to anybody. The relationship between the two men is idyllic at first but when Mitawlli marries Inchirah, a schoolmistress and political opponent to the president, things start deteriorating...

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