Red Lines - Andrea Kalin & Oliver Lukacs

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Red Lines - Andrea Kalin & Oliver Lukacs
Andrea Kalin & Oliver Lukacs - Red Lines  artwork

Red Lines

Andrea Kalin & Oliver Lukacs

Genre: Documentary

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Release Date: July 29, 2014

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In 2011, Syria's Bashar al-Assad answered his nation's demands for freedom by launching a brutal war on his own people. While the U.S. drew red lines for intervention, Assad ramped up the attacks, killing civilians and children, leveling cities, targeting journalists, and blocking humanitarian aid to millions of victims. Abandoned by the outside world, individual citizens stepped up to fill the roles of banned journalists, international aid agencies, and impotent foreign governments. “Red Lines” tells the story of two such activists on a mission to save Syria - one that means smuggling aid into warzones, brokering their own weapons’ deals, and striving to create enclaves of civil, democratic society in their homeland.