Ragoul Mohem Gedan - Esam Al Shama

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Ragoul Mohem Gedan - Esam Al Shama
Esam Al Shama - Ragoul Mohem Gedan  artwork

Ragoul Mohem Gedan

Esam Al Shama

Genre: Middle Eastern

Price: $19.99

Rental Price: $3.99

Release Date: November 30, 2017

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Shaf'ei is a forty-year-old employee. He's not married and lives with his mother who is so cruel to him and makes him fear women to avoid marriage. He also fears police without breaching the law. He lives in a close circle. He has a car accident and runs away thinking he killed a police man. Dancer Kawakeb hides her in her house and she could make him change his opinion about women because of an affair. Shaf'ei meets a businesswoman who was a mistress of a former minister. She makes use of his good-looking appearance to arouse the jealousy of the former but he discovers the murdering the minister's mistress and he escapes to several places and recognizes different mentalities until he's proven innocent.

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