Raghbat - Kariem Diaa Aldeen

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Raghbat - Kariem Diaa Aldeen
Kariem Diaa Aldeen - Raghbat  artwork


Kariem Diaa Aldeen

Genre: Middle Eastern

Price: $19.99

Rental Price: $3.99

Release Date: April 26, 2016

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A simple employee becomes sexually impotent which leads him to become a drug addict; meanwhile his wife suffers from this situation and abandons him, also her neighbor tries to seduce her but she fends him off. The wife fails to find a solution for her crisis, she meets Baher at an exhibition of fine arts and discovers that he is her dream man and so she is attracted to him, she abandons her husband and kids and goes to live with him in his palace only to discover later on that she joined the world of prostitution and that Baher is the gang’s leader. The wife is surprised to find the neighbor coming to her private room as a customer, she refuses to surrender herself to him, injures him and runs away, yet Baher manages to go after her and return her.

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