Khabsa: What Did I Mess? (خبصة) - Shady Hanna

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Khabsa: What Did I Mess? (خبصة) - Shady Hanna
Shady Hanna - Khabsa: What Did I Mess? (خبصة)  artwork

Khabsa: What Did I Mess? (خبصة)

Shady Hanna

Genre: Comedy

Price: $10.99

Rental Price: $4.99

Release Date: April 11, 2019

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In a distinctly Lebanese romantic comedy, Nayla and Fares are deeply in love. But with a huge loan to pay off for his struggling pub, Fares can’t bring himself to pop the big question. Heartbroken, Nayla makes one final attempt to save their relationship. Gathering her closest friends for an intimate dinner, she introduces Fares to the handsome—and very rich—Silvio, the man she intends to marry. The explosive news is only the first surprise of the evening as a string of unfortunate mix-ups sends heads spinning. Amid the hilarity and confusion, with Nayla slowly and inevitably losing control of the situation, it’s a party headed for disaster.

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