Hummus!: The Movie - Oren Rosenfeld

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Hummus!: The Movie - Oren Rosenfeld
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Hummus!: The Movie

Oren Rosenfeld

Genre: Documentary

Price: $12.99

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Release Date: February 5, 2019

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A unique documentary about the power of a simple Middle Eastern dish, Hummus! provides a powerful glimpse into the cultural dynamics between Israelis of diverse backgrounds. Three very different Israeli restaurateurs tell their stories about their shared love for this culinary staple: Jalil, a young Christian-Arab from Ramla who has taken over his family's hummus restaurant; Eliyahu, a former dread-headed vagrant turned Hasidic Jew; and Suheila, the only woman to own her own business in the Arab market. Meanwhile, Olivier the Monk and other interviewees explain the role hummus plays in the faith and community lives of all Israelis, regardless of religion. Around the world, confusion over the origin and history of hummus creates heated tensions, and today's chefs still compete for the title of best and largest servings of hummus. Weaving together these stories, Hummus! demonstrates how food can shape culture and relationships, even transcending religious and political divides.