Forced Escape - Ahmed Khaled

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Forced Escape  - Ahmed Khaled
Ahmed Khaled - Forced Escape   artwork

Forced Escape

Ahmed Khaled

Genre: Action & Adventure

Price: $3.99

Rental Price: $2.99

Release Date: March 20, 2018

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From the producers of the smash hit AHWAK comes the highest grossing Egyptian action film of all time in which 4 complete strangers plan a meticulous escape after being accused of a murder they did not commit. The film boasts an all star cast including AHMAD SAKKA (Al Gezira (1 & 2), El Deal, Tito), GHADA ADEL (Ahwak, Ala Gothety, Ibn El-Qunsul), DINA EL SHERBINY (Jawab Atiqal, Hebta, Grand Hotel), NABIL EISSA (Tattah, Wakkelna Walla, Bedoon Raqaba), AHMED FAHMY (World War 3, Keda Reda, Fasel Wa Na'ood) with a special appearance by AHMED HELMY (Alf Mabrouk, X-Large, Ala Gothety).

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