Ashraf Khateea - أشرف خاطئة - Abdulrahman Sherif

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Ashraf Khateea - أشرف خاطئة  - Abdulrahman Sherif
Abdulrahman Sherif - Ashraf Khateea - أشرف خاطئة   artwork

Ashraf Khateea - أشرف خاطئة

Abdulrahman Sherif

Genre: Middle Eastern

Price: $19.99

Rental Price: $3.99

Release Date: April 24, 2018

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Sameh loses his eyesight while working so the doctors advise him to be treated abroad, his wife Salwa goes to the director of the company, the secretary of the director zizi mediates between the director and Salwa and persuaded him to help Salwa and in return Salwa would pay by making love to the director, she submits to him in exchange for his signature on the travel papers needed for her husband to be treated, Sameh is healed and returns, meanwhile the director is extorting Salwa making use of a photo of her he took when she was with him, zizi’s conscience is awaken when she knew about the director’s intentions towards Salwa, so she tried to steal the photo from him, he tried to stop her as a result she killed him to allow the married couple to complete their life together.

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