A Bewildered Lovebird - Khaled Marei

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A Bewildered Lovebird - Khaled Marei
Khaled Marei - A Bewildered Lovebird  artwork

A Bewildered Lovebird

Khaled Marei

Genre: Comedy

Price: $3.99

Rental Price: $2.99

Release Date: May 25, 2017

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Bolbol, a rich man who is trying to take the hard decision of his future wife, meets the women who he believes is the perfect one for him but after a while he finds out she is not that good. By the same time he meets another woman and thinks if she is actually the perfect one for him. He then decides to leave the first one and get to know the other. He then loses his memory while being Engaged to the second girl, he meets his old fiancée and thinks she is better than his current one. He then decides to know both of them at the same time. While being engaged to both of them at the same time, they discover his play and decide to get him crazy by replacing names, roles, and families. Bolbol at last loses both of them and fall in love with another different woman, knowing that love cannot ever be measured by any means.

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